Sunday AM

Quick first post as we establish this year's Mexico blog. 

Our travel down to San Diego was uneventful. Students watched movies, listened to music, and hung out with friends. The buses made it to the hotel shortly after 8 PM last night. Students decompressed in the hotel pool, before going back to their rooms for the night.

This morning we ate breakfast at the hotel, and in a few minutes, we will gather to depart for the border. We expect to leave the hotel at 10 AM and will cross the border around 10:30 AM.

From here our trip gets a little bit more interesting. Today we will set up camp, and do some team meetings. Tomorrow we begin building. Your prayers for our safety, unity, and efficiency are appreciated. Particularly prayers as we cross the border. Every year the border crossing can be a little bit different.

You can follow our trip on Instagram: @lifehousehsm. Most of the pictures will be using the Story feature. These pictures will be snapshots of what we're up to each day. The "good pictures" taken with professional cameras will come out later.