Confirmation at Saratoga Federated Church


Confirmation Schedule

What is Confirmation?

At Confirmation, we gather our 8th-grade class to discuss their faith in Jesus. We recognize that their faith will face both tests and challenges in the years to come. Our curriculum uses discussions and activities to help students articulate their faith. 

Our weekend classes are designed to foster friendships and a sense of belonging. We believe that belonging to a community is essential for faith formation. 

Confirmation also serves as a bridge between our Jr. High and Sr. High ministries. Older High School students serve as Mentors of "our Confirmands." They help facilitate our program, giving them an opportunity to serve and lead. When the 8th-grade students move into the High School group, these student mentors are ambassadors. They encourage the 8th grader by being a friendly face and a source of advice for life in High School. 

At the end of the Confirmation Program, students may choose to be baptized and/or become a member of Saratoga Federated Church. In addition to a baptism celebration, we also hold a Communion Service for the confirmands. Between the Communion Service and the Baptisms, we hold a celebratory brunch for the family of the confirmands.