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Week of May 26th - The Humiliation of the Proud

Summary and Goal

In the previous sessions, we saw how God uses unexpected people and circumstances to accomplish His purposes. But how does God work with those who seem to have their lives put together: the successful, strong, and spiritual? In this session, we will look to Samson, a man who appeared to be able to succeed on his own by relying on his own cleverness and strength. We will see that while he seemed to have all the puzzle pieces of his life in the right arrangement, he forgot whose image he was supposed to follow. We will also see that often we aren’t much different. Our strong personalities and abilities to muscle through life lead us to forget on whom we depend. As with Samson, God humbles the proud, and that is a gift of grace.

Session Outline

  1. Impulsiveness leads to living carelessly (Judg. 14:1-3,8-9).

  2. Pride leads to behaving irresponsibly (Judg. 16:4-5,16-17).

  3. Humiliation leads to relying on God (Judg. 16:21-22,26-30).

Session in a Sentence

God can use even the disobedience and pride of His people for His purposes.

Christ Connection

Samson’s downfall was the result of his own pride and disobedience, and yet, God used his death to begin the deliverance of His people. Jesus’ death was the result of His perfect obedience to pay for our disobedience. God used Christ’s death to bring deliverance “once for all” for His people.

Missional Application

Because we have experienced victory over sin through Christ’s humility and sacrifice, we live in humility before others as we call them to put away their sins and turn to God for deliverance.

Later Event: June 2
June 2nd - Serve Sunday