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Week of May 12th - The Wisdom of a Deliverer

Summary and Goal

The era of the judges began with God providing Othniel to deliver Israel and give God’s people peace for forty years, followed by Ehud and Shamgar delivering the people (Judg. 3:7-31). In this session we will find that the Israelites were once again under God’s discipline because they had done what was evil in the Lord’s sight. This time, God used King Jabin of Canaan, along with his commander, Sisera, to oppress His people. But once again we will see the pattern unfold of the people crying out for relief and God providing a deliverer, although this time the deliverer would be someone the Israelites may not have expected. We will see that God gives His people gifts and works through them so that He might receive glory.

Session Outline

1. God’s faithful people use their gifts in service to Him (Judg. 4:4-7).

2. God’s faithful people courageously face impossible odds (Judg. 4:14-16).

3. God’s faithful people glorify Him for working through them (Judg. 5:1-5,9-11).

Session in a Sentence

God positions His people and provides them with gifts to bring Him glory.

Christ Connection

Deborah was the chosen leader of God who ruled with wisdom to rescue her people. Her life points forward to Jesus Christ, the Wonderful Counselor whose kingdom is marked by justice and righteousness.

Missional Application

Because we have been given a number of gifts from God, including salvation through Jesus, we use each of our gifts to build up the body of Christ, the church, as we encourage others to do the same.