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Week of June 16th - The Hope of Redemption

Summary and Goal

In the previous session we saw God humiliate the proud in Samson, and in the Philistines. Once again God used the weaknesses of His people to reveal His true strength. In this session we turn our attention to the story of Ruth, a Moabite woman who lived during the period of the judges. Here we will see how God loves and cares for the humble, the needy, and the lonely. God wanted to make His matchless love known to Ruth, and God continues to want to make His redeeming love known to every tribe, language, and nation. No matter how hopeless and desperate the situation may be, the Lord’s redeeming love is ever-present and stronger still.

Session Outline

  1. God’s perfect love is steadfast (Ruth 1:6-9,16-17).

  2. God’s perfect love is gracious (Ruth 2:2-3,8-12).

  3. God’s perfect love is redeeming (Ruth 4:13-17).

Session in a Sentence

God provided a family redeemer for Ruth, demonstrating His love for all people.

Christ Connection

Boaz was a family redeemer who showed undeserved kindness to Ruth, a foreigner. In a similar manner, Jesus is our Redeemer who has showed unmerited kindness to us and adopted us into His family.

Missional Application

Because we have been redeemed by an act of God’s love, we extend the same kind of steadfast, gracious love to others so that they too might find redemption through Jesus Christ.